We maintain a large inventory of the finest tree foliage to produce lush trees with Dragonwood, Wax Myrtle, Curly Willow or Birch trunks. Our staff of artisans provides superior construction and design of your trees.

You are welcome to purchase product already available from our 13,000 sq ft. showroom warehouse, with hundreds of varieties of trees to choose from – the most unique in the region. Or, have us build a tree to your specifications (see Custom Trees below).

*Please be patient, sample files can be big and take a little time to open.

Custom Silk Trees

The artisans at Beck’s Silk Plant Company can custom build the size (up to 12ft. tall), shape, and configuration of a tree to complement your specific design needs.

When ordering a custom tree, keep in mind:

  • Finished tree dimensions
  • Desired shape (symmetrical or asymmetrical)
  • Traditional tree shape or character version
  • Foliage desired (Beck’s has over 50 varieties available)
  • Trunk Type

Please note that custom orders normally take 2-4 weeks to produce.